Date: 28 May 2011 00:00 to 29 May 2011 23:00

USEF# 297982 "USEF Dressage Level 2"                                                      Opening Date: April 1, 2011

USDF# 297982                                                                              Date by which entries must be RECEIVED: Closing Date: May 7, 2011


Preliminary Prize list – Official Prize List available at after March 1

Saturday & Sunday May 28 & 29, 2011

Maryland Dressage Association, Inc. Presents

Dressage at Heavenly Waters

Heavenly Waters/Harford County Equestrian Center Bel Air, MD

With improved footing & dust control!

Show Secretary

Fran Crocco                  
5 Metler Way

Flemington, N.J 08822



Organizer/Management MDA Inc.

Jill Blackburn, President


Show office Phone Manager  C-410-836-3559  Secretary show days only 908-202-8597

Judges: Kay Meredith (S) Sally O’Conner (S)

Phoebe Devoe-Moore (r)

Technical Delegate: Tamila Nichols (r)

Farrier: TBD

Stable Assignment:

Fran Crocco


Medical Services TBD

Veterinarian: TBD


Class List


Saturday,  June 19,  2010                                                                Sunday,  June 21,  2010

1. Training – 1


31. Training – 1


2.  Training -2


32 Training –2


3.  Training –3


33. Training –3


4.  First –1


34. First –1


5.  First –2


35. First –2


6.  First –3


36. First –3


7.  Second –1


37. Second -1


8. Second –2


38. Second -2


9. Second –3


39. Second -3


10. Third Level -1


40. Third Level -1


11. Third Level -2


41. Third Level -2


12. Third Level -3


42. Third Level - 3


13. Fourth -1


43. Fourth -1


14. Fourth -2


44. Fourth -2


15. Fourth -3


45. Fourth -3


16. Prix St. Georges


46. FEI Prix St. Georges


17. FEI Intermediaire I


47. FEI Intermediaire I


18. FEI Intermediaire II


48. FEI Intermediaire II


19. FEI Grand Prix


49. FEI Grand Prix


20. USDF Mus. F/S TOC*


50. USDF Mus. F/S TOC*


21. FEI Intermediaire Mus. F/S


51. FEI Intermediaire Mus. F/S


22. FEI Grand Prix Mus. F/S


52. FEI Grand Prix Mus. F/S


23. FEI TOC *


53. FEI TOC *


24. USDF Pas de Deux TOC *


54. USDF Pas de Deux TOC *


25. USDF Quadrille TOC *


55. USDF Quadrille TOC *


26. Materiale


56. Materiale


* - Please specify test and/or level.

GAIG = Great American/USDF qualifying; Young Rider Individual test cannot be ridden as a GAIG/USDF Q ride.

TOC class is offered as qualifying only for eligible tests not previously offered as qualifying in the prize list.

BLM = BLM Qualifying class

MDAQ = MDA Qualifying class

Prize List Directives


Awards: Prize and six ribbons per class.  High Score and reserve ribbons at each level.

MDA members follow MDA rules for MDA Q classes and will receive a separate ribbon.

Special prizes for the highest artistic Musical Freestyle score of the show, and the highest scoring Pas de Deux of the show.

Dover Medal award is offered.

Entries: Completed entries must be mailed to the Show Secretary and must be RECEIVED by the closing date and will be processed in order received.

  • Do not send entries by registered or certified mail.  No telephone, fax, or e-mail entries accepted.  Please waive any requirement for a delivery signature. If you do not, entry may be returned.
  • All incomplete entries will be surcharged a $10 handling fee.  Illegible entries are not accepted.
  • No competitor will be allowed to enter the show unless all fees are paid in full.
  • Post entries (received after closing date or after the show is filled) will be placed on a waiting list to fill scratches at the Secretary’s discretion.
  • All entries must be typed or printed on a 2011 Region 1 entry form (may be copied) and MUST include:
    • Original Handwritten Signatures: owner, rider, trainer, and coach, if applicable.  Photocopies are not acceptable
    • Photocopy of negative Coggins dated within a year of the show date
    • Copy of USEF  membership card and USDF membership card for horse, rider, and owner
    • USEF membership card for trainer, and coach if applicable.
    • Self addressed and stamped envelope for entry confirmation, PLEASE!
    • Check or money order made payable to “MDA, Inc.”


Indicate whether riding Open, Adult Amateur, Jr/YR, GAIG/USDF Qualifying, BLM Qualifying and/or MDA Q on entry. Classes will be split as entries warrant.

Times will be available by Wednesday before the show at Competitors without computer access may send a separate self-addressed stamped envelope to receive times by mail.

Dover Medal Award: USDF/Dover Medal winners must return the provided tracking form to Dover Saddlery within 30 days of the competition. Failure to return the tracking forms within 30 days may affect a competitor's eligibility for the USDF/Dover National Merit Award and their national ranking. Eligibility for USDF/Dover Adult Amateur Medal Program: Rider must be a current USDF group, participating, or intercollegiate/interscholastic member at the time the medal is awarded. No membership required for the owner of the horse. Horse need not be USDF Lifetime registered. Rider must possess a USEF Senior Amateur card or USEF Non-Member Amateur Card at the time the medal is awarded. Horse, rider, and owner must meet minimum competition eligibility requirements at the time the scores are earned. Score Requirements for the USDF/Dover Adult Amateur Medal Program: Note, new for the 2008 USDF competition year the rider must ride Second Level Test Three. The USDF/Dover Medal will be presented to the highest scoring second level adult amateur who meets the eligibility requirements above and has obtained a score of at least 60% in the designated class. The USDF/Dover winner will receive a handcrafted pewter USDF/Dover Medal and neck ribbon at the competition. Once the USDF/Dover winners return their tracking forms they will receive a $20 gift certificate from Dover Saddlery for each of the first three USDF/Dover Medals won during the 2009 competition year.


Fees: $35 Training, First Level, Materiale

$40 Second thru Fourth Level

$45 FEI Level, USDF & FEI Freestyles

$60 Pas de Deux

$70 Quadrille

$10 GAIG/USDF Qualifying fee (per class)

$  5 MDA Qualifying fee (per class)

$15 USEF Federation Fee ($7.00 Drugs & Medication, $8.00 USEF) (GR301.8 and GR1401.12) (per horse)

$30 USEF Non-member fee (per rider, owner, and/or trainer)

$25            USDF Non-member fee (per rider and owner)

$20 Non-refundable office fee

$  2 Non-refundable number fee

$25 Non-competing horse (negative Coggins and signed entry form required)

$10 Class change fee (per class), if granted by secretary

$10 Administrative fee for refunds

$85 Stabling fee for the weekend; no day only stalls

$50 Tack stall fee for the weekend

$15 Trailer-in fee for each non-stabled horse (per day)

$35             Camper hook up (per weekend)

Refunds: Refunds after closing date at the sole discretion of the Secretary with vet certificate if we can fill the scratch.  No refunds on stabling.  After the show begins, there will be no refund of entry fees if classes need to be cancelled due to Acts of God, weather, and/or terrorism.

Stabling (fees payable with entry):

Sharps containers are available for use and located in each stable area.

  • Permanent wood box stalls with bottom doors, on grounds.
  • Large whole barn fans and stall mats.
  • Please bring buckets and screw eyes
  • Stable assignments posted prior to show
  • No horses may unload before 1PM on Friday afternoon. Strictly enforced.
  • Straw, shavings, and grass hay available by order from The Mill of Bel Air 1-866-THE-MILL

Orders must be received 7 days prior to show.

  • Ample water available everywhere on grounds
  • Shaded pavilions; lighted warm-up; sound system
  • Pursuant to USEF rule 1211.5, each barn has available one sharps container per 50 horses.  Competition Management may fine any individuals including trainers, owners, exhibitors, or their agents up to $100 for improper disposal of needles or other sharp disposable instruments.


  • Competition: 20x60 sand/stone dust arena and 20x60 stone dust arena
  • Warm-up: 300x150 sand/stone dust arena
  • Grass areas for hacking and grazing
  • “Heavenly Water” for competitors


  • Permanent restrooms on grounds
  • Telephone (pay)
  • Concessions on grounds during show.  Local restaurants within minutes of grounds.
  • Local hotels/motels within 10 minutes of grounds
  • Special Discounted rate at Ramada Inn 410-679-0770. You must reserve room by May 1st.  Please tell them you are with MDA.

Other area hotels, not discounted are: Best Western 410-679-9700, Comfort Inn 410-679-0770, Days Inn 410-671-9990, Sleep Inn 410-679-4700

Concession on grounds from 6:30AM to 4PM Saturday and Sunday

Photographer Available: ** Caught By A Flash Photography will take your show pictures!  Check out Lisie's work at **


From I-95 N or S: Take Exit 77, Rt. 24N.  Go 6 miles to intersection with Business Rt. 1; turn left at Rt. 1 staying in right lane for 0.2 miles to first light at Tollgate Rd. Turn right onto Tollgate Rd.  Show grounds are 0.8 miles on left.

From Baltimore Beltway I-695: Take Rt. 1 N toward Bel Air, bear right on Rt. 1 Business to Harford Mall.  Turn left on Tollgate Rd.  Show grounds are 0.8 miles on left.


  • Farrier on call
  • Veterinarian on call
  • EMT on grounds
  • Braiding services on request: Lee Swift 410-692-9616, Cell 410-627-2637   Fee: $35.00
  • Bridle numbers must be worn at all times when a horse is out of the stall.
  • US Equestrian Federation rules go into effect upon arrival at the show grounds.  Every class offered herein which is covered by the rules and specifications of the current USEF Rule Book will be conducted and judged in accordance therewith.
  • Management reserves the right to split, cancel, or combine classes.  Management also reserves the right to add or substitute judges or make any changes required by circumstances.  In the event of over-subscription, a waiting list will be established.
  • Riders 18 years old and under must wear protective headgear while mounted. It is recommended that protective headgear be worn at all times when mounted.

Music: Competitors must present 2 good quality CD’s of music to Secretary at least two hours prior to scheduled ride time. CD’s must be clearly labeled with entry name, number, where rider will be positioned and signal used to start the music.  Sound check times available from Secretary at show.

Pets:  All pets must be leashed. No dogs in main building or food areas.


Vendors: $10 per space per day.  Pay at secretary stand.


HOLD HARMLESS CLAUSE: Understanding that horse sports may be hazardous and dangerous, even leading to permanent injury or death, each owner, rider, spectator, and other participant assumes any and all risk of loss or injury and agrees to hold harmless, regardless of negligent acts or omissions Maryland Dressage Association, BFK Equestrian Enterprises, Inc., Heavenly Waters, the show management, show committee, and all horse show personnel.


Please check web site for any prize list changes.

Page last Updated: 13-May-10