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Awards Update

Nov 3, 2011
As the show season wraps up, many of you may be considering applying for awards.  Please note that a few things have changed:
  • Many of the awards are now simple, online applications.
  • The MDA Lifetime Achievement Medal is a two part application: online and mailed tests (details below)

To access on-line applications, go to the MDA website’s Awards Page at .  Links to applications are found under the titles of the awards.

All awards applicants are encouraged to submit all parts of applications as soon as possible.  This allows time for awards chair-persons to contact applicants with questions and to clarify any issues that may arise.

MDA High Score and Rider Achievement Medals
Since the Fall Fun Color Fest at Thornridge Manor had to be rescheduled to 11/6, the deadline for awards that depend on MDA show scores has been extended to 11/21.  No awards submissions will be taken after that date.  To apply for this award, visit the Awards page and click the link under the award title - this will take you to the on-line application form.

One application covers BOTH awards.

MDA Lifetime Achievement Award
This award requires an on-line application AND mailed tests.  The deadline for this award has been pushed back to 11/21 (must be postmarked by this date - no late applications will be accepted).  The address listed for applicants to mail tests to has changed - MAIL COPIES OF TESTS TO JACKIE CALDWELL AT 8038 LANSDALE RD BALTMORE, MD 21224.  If you have any questions, please contact the Schooling Show Chairman at or the President at

Caitlin Ben Dror Memorial Education Grant
This application is now available on-line.  The deadline has been pushed back to 11/21.

Awards Banquet
The location of the Awards Banquet has been changed.  The Banquet will be held at Bellissimo's in Bel Air, MD.  Details on the Awards Banquet will be circulated shortly.

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