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MDA Year End Award Winners

Jan 25, 2012

Congratulations to all awards and scholarship winners! Thank you to our many donors and sponsors for our wonderful award, silent auction, door prize, and raffle items.

Rider Achievement Medals

Young Rider Division

Gold Medals

  • Hayley Mullen - Training Level B
  • Alexandra Riggle - Training Level A
  • Abby Schimming - Intro Level B
  • Elizabeth Loundas - Intro Level B

Silver Medal

  • Erica DeGele - Intro Level A

Open Division


  • Shelley Caplan - Intro Level A
  • Ruth Frey - Training Level B
  • Diane Vickery - Intro Level A


  • Donna Booth - Training Level B
  • Carol Bossone - Training Level B
  • Jacqueline Caldwell - First Level B
  • Toni Over - Second Level B
  • Brianne Reynolds - First Level A
  • Brianne Reynolds - First Level B
  • Lauren Sumwalt - First Level A

Novice Division


  • Paris Niesterowicz - Training Level
  • Suzanne Veltri - Intro Level

Young Horse Division


  • Amanda Beffel - Training Level
  • Phoebe DeVoe-Moore- Intro Level
  • Phoebe DeVoe-Moore - Training Level
  • Claudia Kleinsmith - First Level
  • Kathryn Schultz - First Level


  • Loretta Krach - First Level

High Score Awards

Young Rider Division

Intro Level Division A Champion: Erica DeGele on Clifford FV

Intro Level Division B Champion: Abby Schimming on LVF Bottom Line

Intro Level Division B Reserve Champion: Elizabeth Loundas on Dare to Dream

Training Level Division A Champion: Alexandra Riggle on Donnermagic

Training Level Division B Champion: Hayley Mullen on Honalee


Young Horse Division

Intro Level Champion: Phoebe DeVoe-Moore on Beaujoulais

Training Level Champion: Phoebe DeVoe-Moore on Windsong FV

Training Level Reserve Champion: Amanda Beffel on Beaujoulais

First Level Champion: Claudia Kleinsmith on Wallsteet Prince

First Level Reserve Champion: Kathryn Schultz on Donnermagic

First Level Third Place: Loretta Krach on Wallstreet Rising


Novice Division

Intro Level Champion: Suzanne Veltri on Country Bumpkin

Training Level Champion: Paris Niesterowicz on Gigi


Open Divison

Intro Level Division A Champion: Diane Vickery on Winterzauber

Intro Level Division A Reserve Champion: Shelley Caplan on Calypso

Training Level Division B Champion: Ruth Frey on Sunstream Cove

Training Level Division B Reserve Champion: Carol Bossone on Orion

Training Level Division B Third Place: Donna Booth on Snapdragon

First Level Division A Champion: Brianne Reynolds on Hershey Kisses

First Level Division A Reserve Champion: Lauren Sumwalt on Odin's Raven

First Level Division B Champion: Jacqueline Caldwell on JC's Keely of Texel

First Level Division B Reserve Champion: Brianne Reynolds on Peppemint Patti

Second Level Division B Champion: Toni Over on Bel Sole


Perpetual Awards

The Big Mack Perpetual Award, donated by Linda Seybold in memory of Big Mack

Phoebe DeVoe-Moore

President's Unsung Hero's Award

Claudia Kleinsmith & Lauren Sumwalt

Joyce B. Broccolino Award

Phoebe DeVoe-Moore

Caitlin Ben Dror Memorial Education Grants

Young Riders: Hayley Mullen & Alexandra Riggle

Senior Riders: Lauren Sumwalt & Jacqueline Caldwell

Instructor of the Year

Phoebe DeVoe-Moore

Writing Awards

Jacqueling Caldwell & Carol Bossone


Donors and Sponsors

Maryland Saddlery

Bev Barnes

Dover Saddlery

The Mill of Bel Air

Hair by Elite

Toni Over

Thornridge Manor, LLC

Brianne Reynolds

A Bit More Tack

Sarah Duclos

Susan Engstrand

Dogwood Tack

Lauren Sumwalt




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