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2012 Show Update

Jan 23, 2012
Show Season is around the corner.  Stay tuned to the website for the 2012 Schooling Show Schedule. **Currently, we need an organizer and/or entry secretary for the shows listed below.  If you'd like to volunteer to do either, contact the Schooling Show Chairman at**
  • Ships Quarters -- September 2
  • Tranquility Manor - September 16
  • Heavenly Waters Finals/Open -- October 7

Entry Fees have gone up: $18 for members and $25 for non-members.

The Novice Rule has been changed.  For the 2011 season, the board voted to do away with the Danish System.  At that time, the Novice rule was based on the number of blue ribbons won.  Without the Danish system, Novice riders could find themselves receiving those blue ribbons faster than they were ready to move to the open division.  As a result, the board voted to change the wording of the Novice Rule to the following:

  • A Novice is a beginner rider who has not yet earned 5 or more scores of 60% or greater.  Once 5 scores of 60% or greater have been earned, the rider shall be considered an Open competitor.


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