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MDA to Offer Eventing Tests

Jan 30, 2012

MDA will offer the following USEA Dressage tests: Beginner Novice A & B, Novice A& B, and Training A& B. Riders Note: Tests may be ridden in a large (20x60) arena depending on the facility.

Riders, please note: we will make an effort to schedule these tests in a small (20x40) arena when possible.  Depending on the show ground, there will be occasions when these tests will be ridden in a large (20x60) arena. We will make the appropriate adjustment in the amount of time it takes to ride these tests if they are scheduled in a large arena.

Rule of thumb: assume the eventing tests will be ridden in a large arena unless otherwise noted with each show's details (as found in the Calendar).  If you wish to ride an eventing dessage test but are not comfortable with the change in arena size, contact the entry secretary to see if the show you wish to attend will have a small arena.

If you enter a show and decide later that you do not wish to attend (for any reason), you must scratch before the closing date to avoid having your entry fees processed.  If you scratch after the closing date, you must have a note from a vet or a doctor to receive a refund.  You must contact the entry secretary to scratch.  If you are not sure if your entry was received, contact the entry secretary.


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