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MDA Year End Winners for 2012

Feb 8, 2013

MDA Rider Achievement Medals --Young Rider Division

Gold Medal

Lizzy Loundas - Training Level B

Alexendra Riggle - Second Level A

Paige Wolfe - Intro Level B

Silver Medal

Brenna Miller - Training Level A

Novice Division

Silver Medal

Josie Sedgley - Intro Level A

Young Horse Division

Gold Medal

Amanda Beffel - Intro Level

Silver Medal

Jill Blackburn - Training Level

MDA Rider Achievement Medals -- Open Division

Gold Medal

Marilynn McFadden - Intro Level A

Nicole Bosley - Intro Level A

Claudia Kleinsmith - Intro Level B

Shelley Caplan - Training Level A

Andrea Townsley-Sapp - Training Level A

Shelley Caplan - First Level A

Ruth Frey - First Level A

Karyn Rainey - First Level B

Carol Bossone - First Level B

Karyn Rainey - MFS Open

Jacqueline Caldwell - MFS Open

Silver Medal

Suzanne Veltri - Intro Level A

Toni Over - Third Level A

Jacqueline Caldwell - Third Level B

Bronze Medal

Scott Nickel - Third Level B

MDA High Score Awards -- Young Rider Division

Intro Level B YR

Champion:  Paige Wolfe - EF KKhonfidence

Training Level A YR

Champion:  Brenna Miller - Padfoot

Training Level B YR

Champion:  Lizzy Loundas - Dare to Dream

Second Level A YR

Champion:  Alexandra Riggle - JC’s Keely of Texel

Novice Division

Intro Level

Champion:  Josie Sedgley - Tucker

Young Horse Division

Intro Level

Champion:  Amanda Beffel - Do I Dazzle You

Training Level

Champion:  Jill Blackburn – Wahkona

MDA High Score Awards -- Open Division

Intro Level A Open

Champion:  Marilynn McFadden - Rocky’s Princess

Reserve:  Nicole Bosley - Petite Tout

Third:  Suzanne Veltri - Country Bumpkin

Intro Level B Open

Champion:  Claudia Kleinsmith - Whimsy

Training Level A Open

Champion:  Shelley Caplan - Caly

Reserve:  Andrea Townsley-Sapp - Rain’s Melody

First Level A Open

Champion:  Shelley Caplan - Resolut

Reserve:  Ruth Frey - Sunstream Cove

First Level B Open

Champion:  Karyn Rainey - She’s All Silk

Reserve:  Carol Bossone - Orion

Third Level A Open

Champion:  Toni Over - Bel Sole

Third Level B Open

Champion:  Jacqueline Caldwell - JC’s Keely of Texel

Reserve:  Scott Nickel - Personal Boy

Musical Freestyle Open

Champion:  Jacqueline Caldwell - JC’s Keely of Texel

Reserve:  Karyn Rainey - She’s All Silk

Lifetime Achievement Medal

Jacqueline Caldwell -  Bronze

Lifetime Memberships were awarded to:

Jill Blackburn

Bev Barnes

Elizabeth Simmeth-Ensor

The Sterling Memorial Plate

Donated by: Tracey Hurline and Walbreth Farm

Jacqueline Caldwell

The Big Mack Perpetual Trophy

Donated by:  Linda Seybold

In memory of Big Mack

Lizzy Loundas

President’s Unsung Hero Award

Claudia Kleinsmith

Joyce B. Broccolino Memorial Scholarship

Jill Blackburn

Caitlin Ben Dror Memorial Educational Grants

Brenna Miller, Jill Blackburn, Shelley Caplan, Karyn Rainey

Instructor Of the Year Award

Phoebe DeVoe-Moore

Volunteer Awards

Gold (15 or more work credits earned- Jill Blackburn

Silver (10 to 14 work credits earned)- Toni Over and Jean Bosley

Bronze (6 to 9 work credits earned) - Brenna Miller, Lizzy Londas

Sue Van Norman and Suzanne Veltri

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