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2013 Year End Award Winners

Mar 8, 2014

Our Annual awards banquet was well received by all who attended. The food, room set up and service provided by Bellissimo exeeded our expectations. Thanks to all who helped to organize, set up and hand out awards(Claudia and Sue). Also MDA expresses much gratitude to Paris Niesterowicz and Laura Raurk for organizing and running the silent auction. Their efforts raised over $600 for MDA.Wow!!!

MDA wishes to thank all of the 2013 Silent Auction Sponsors for their very generous donations!

Maryland Saddlery   
Claudia Weeks Photography
The Mill of Bel Air Dogwood Tack
Dover Saddlery Brianne Reynolds
J.M. Littleton Sarah Duclos
Laura Raurk Paris Niesterowicz
Bobbie Randles Karyn Rainey
Ed Arnold Diana Walcutt
Olney Farm

Congratulations To The MDA 2013 Year End Winners

Rider Achievement Medals




Betty Ann Greer

Charlotte Nygard

Tammy Stigile

Diana Walcutt

Edward Arnold

Marilynn McFadden

Suzanne Veltri

Charlotte Nygard

Janet Dyer

Claudia Kleinsmith (2)

Laura Ruark

Michelle Nightingale (2)

Brianne Reynolds

Susan Brooks

Karyn Rainey

Toni Over (2)

Suzanne Rittler

Lita Hughes

Christa Page

Ruth Frey

Amie Lebo

Shelley Caplan (2)

Josephine Sedgley

Loretta Krach

Paige Wolfe

Jacqueline Caldwell

Karyn Rainey (2)

Olivia DuBois

Elizabeth Loundas

Nina Bohlmann

Bobbie Randles

Carol Bossone

Amanda Beffel


High Score Awards

Intro Open A

Champion – Diana Walcutt and RoxxStar

Reserve Champion – Suzanne Veltri and Country Bumpkin

Intro Open B

Champion – Marilynn McFadden and Rocky’s Princess

Reserve Champion – Betty Ann Greer and Wonderland

3rd- Charlotte Nygard and Pebbles

4th – Edward Arnold and Miss Angel Plaudit

Training Open A

Champion – Charlotte Nygard and Pebbles

Reserve Champion – Claudia Kleinsmith and Whimsy

Training Open B

Champion – Susan Brooks and Canadream Alex Regent

Reserve Champion – Toni Over and LVF Bottom Line

3rd – Michelle Nightingale and Red Amorina

4th – Janet Dyer and Izabella

5th – Laura Ruark and Grace

First Open A

Champion – Shelley Caplan and Caly

Reserve Champion – Michelle Nightingale and Red Amorina

3rd – Lita Hughes and Sweet Indulgence

4th – Ruth Frey and Sunstream Cove

5th – Tammy Stigile and My Royal Star

First Open B

Champion – Shelley Caplan and Resolut

Second Open A

Champion – Loretta Krach and Wallstreet Rising

Second Open B

Champion – Brianne Reynolds and Hersheys Kisses

Reserve Champion – Karyn Rainey and She’s All Silk

Third Open B

Champion – Toni Over and Bel Sole +/

Reserve Champion – Suzanne Rittler and Brisk

MFS Open first Level

Champion – Karyn Rainey and She’s All Silk

MFS Open Second Level

Champion – Karyn Rainey and She’s All Silk

MFS Open Third Level

Champion - Jacqueline Caldwell and JC’s Keely of Texel

Intro Novice

Champion – Christa Page and Lil Deb’s High Lite

Training Novice

Champion – Amie Lebo and Ollie

Intro Young Rider A

Champion – Olivia DuBois and All Canadian Kid

Reserve Champion – Josephine Sedgley and Spirit of the Renegade

Training Young Rider B

Champion – Paige Wolfe and EF Kkonfidence

First Young Rider B

Champion – Elizabeth Loundas and Dare To Dream

Second Young Rider A

Champion – Nina Bohlmann and JC’s Keely of Texel

Intro Young Horse

Champion – Carol Bossone and Malibu Gold

Reserve Champion – Bobbie Randles and Danitza

Training Young Horse

Champion – Amanda Beffel and Independencia FBF

First Young Horse

Champion – Claudia Kleinsmith and Dare To Dream

Perpetual Trophies

The Sterling Plate, HS MFS – Jacqueline Caldwell and JC’s Keely of Texel

The Whispering Plate, HS Training Level MFS – Laura Ruark and Grace

The Big Mack Award, HS Training Level Test 3 – Susan Brooks and Canadream Alex Regent

Trainer of the Year – Claudia Kleinsmith

President’s Unsung Heros Award – Brianne Reynolds and Jill Blackburn

Annual Scholarships

The Caitlin Ben Dror Scholarship – Toni Over, Claudia Kleinsmith, Laura Ruark and Nina Bohlmann

The Joyce B. Broccolino Scholarship – Brianne Reynolds

Volunteer Awards

Gold – Jill Blackburn

Silver – Barbara Dreyer and Karyn Rainey

Bronze – Brianne Reynolds, Kristen Burton, Carol Bossone, Edward Arnold, Jacqueline Caldwell, Laura Ruark, Lizzy Loundas, Marilynn McFadden and Phoebe DeVoe Moore

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