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MDA 2016 Elections

Jul 26, 2016
Many of the officers for MDA will be finishing their terms at the end of 2016.  The club is in need of members who would be willing to fill these positions.  We are hoping you will consider being a nominee for a position on the Executive Board.  The Nominating Committee shall report its slate to the membership at the October meeting and accept nominations from the floor.  The officers shall be elected at the November annual meeting.  All meetings are held at the Wegmens in Hunt Valley Town Center at 7 pm on the second Thursday of every month.


Nominees are needed for the following positions:
President, Senior Vice President, Young Rider Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer and 5 Directors at Large.
*President - serves as Chairman of the Board and presides over the monthly meetings.
*Senior Vice President - assists the President and attends monthly meetings.
*Young Rider Vice President - attends monthly meetings and encourages YR membership and activities.
*Recording Secretary - attends monthly meetings and takes minutes of the meeting. Keeps record of all meetings.
*Corresponding Secretary - conducts all general correspondence of the MDA and the President.
*Treasurer - keeps the financial records and does all bookkeeping duties for MDA and attends monthly meetings and provides financial statements to the Executive board.
*Directors - attends monthly meetings and votes on various issues pertaining to the administration of MDA.

Please go to the MDA website for a complete description of the offices. I hope to hear from you via reply email with a nomination!
Thank You!
Peggy Smilko
Chairman Nominating Committee/Treasurer,

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