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Oct 11, 2011


All 2011 Show Results are posted here.  Use the headings/tabs at the top of the page to select which show's results you wish to view. Contact the Schooling Show Chairman at to report and problems or for questions/concerns!

Congratulations to our Petticoats Advance High Score winners:

  • Hayley Mullen (Young Rider)
  • Beth Kline (Senior/Adult Rider)

Congratulations to our Thornridge Manor High Score winners:

  • Hayley Mullen (Young Rider)
  • Phoebe Devoe-Moore (Senior/Adult Rider)

Congratulations to our Olney Farm High Score winners:

  • Kelsey O'Brien-Enders (Young Rider)
  • Lita Hughes (Senior/Adult Rider)

Congratulations to our Ships Quarters Farm High Score winners:

  • Alexandra Riggle (Young Rider)
  • Susan Abraham (Senior/Adult Rider)

Congratulations to our New Covert Farm High Score Winners:

  • Alexandra Riggle (Young Rider)
  • Beth Kline (Senior/Qualifier Rider)
  • Pam Bartholomew - High Score Intro Rider Mary Herhily Trophy given by Donna Toole

Congratulations to our Liberty View Farm High Score Winners:

  • Ruth Frey (Senior Rider)
  • Hayley Mullen (Young Rider)

Congratulations to our Tranquility Manor Farm High Score Winners:

  • Hayley Mullen (Young Rider)
  • Amanda Beffel (Senior Rider)

Congratulations to our Finals Show High Score Winners:

  • Hannah Conway (Young Rider)
  • Shelley Caplan (Senior Rider)

Congratulations to our Fall Color Fest Fun Show High Score Winners:

  • Peg Helder (SR)
  • Andrea Townsley-Sapp (YR)

If there was a professional photographer at the show, don't forget to contact her for your pictures:

  • Liberty View: Claudia Weeks
  • Tranquility Manor: Claudia Weeks
  • Finals: Claudia Weeks
  • Fun Show: Claudia Weeks


Petticoat's results posted on 5/3/11.
Thornridge results posted 6/13/11.
Olney's Results posted 6/21/11
Ships Quarters Results posted 6/25/11
New Covert results posted 7/11/11
Liberty View results posted 8/4/11
Caitlin Ben-Dror Memorial Dressage Results posted 8/20/11
Tranquility Manor Results posted 9/20/11
Finals Show Results posted 10/12/11
Fun Show Results posted 11/9/11

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