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For general inforamtion, please contact one of our officers or board members.

How to submit:

Newsline and Website

Horse and rider during show.
Royal Drama Queen and
Sarah Brooks at
Winter Wind 2008

We are looking for your creativity! Members are welcome to submit articles to be published in MDA’s Newsline and /or website. Electronic submission is preferred.

MDA offers writing awards in numerous categories. All submissions for the Newsline and or MDA’s web site will automatically be judged for awards. MDA awards $10.00 gift certificates to Dover tack. You can learn more about MDA’s writing awards by referring to your MDA Omnibus.

Please send submissions to mda.president1@gmail.comMDA NEWSLINE and web site reserves the right to reject or edit material.

MDA is looking for photos to place on its web site. Submit photos electronically and include the correct spelling of the rider, horse and name of photographer.  MDA reserves the right to reject or edit material. Please send submissions to Jill Blackburn - or Claire Smilko at

Calendar of Events
To list non MDA clinics or events on MDA’s calendar on the web site and/or Newsline, you must submit information as ‘ready to publish’. This is limited to the basic information- Name of Farm or Event, date, location, and contact info for people to learn more about the event. Submit to .

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