Member Benefits
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Royal Drama Queen and Sarah Brooks

Member Benefits

1)    Opportunity to receive discounts at MDA Schooling Shows and Clinics

  • MDA holds an average of 12 Schooling Shows per year.
  • MDA Schooling shows provide the opportunity to ride before USEF licensed judges and Learner Candidates to have your skills evaluated. Shows are run according to USEF, USDF, and MDA rules.
  • MDA holds at least one clinic per year with top trainers in our area.  For the last two years, MDA has offered huge discounts or free rides to those members who have made a significant volunteer effort.

2)    MDA holds a USEF/USDF Licensed Dressage show at Heavenly Waters Equestrian Center. Members who volunteer at this event earn “double credit” on their work credits. So if you work one day, you get credit for two!

3)    Members can place Classified Ads on the MDA website for lessons, boarding, and training businesses, or to sell anything equestrian related, such as horses, tack, trailers and clothing.

4)    Members can vote in elections as well as hold an elected or appointed position.

5)    MDA offers many Awards, Grants, and Scholarships to recognize the accomplishments (ridden, volunteer, and creative) of its members. Detailed information can be found on our Awards page.

6)    Automatic Group Membership with USDF.   The following information is from the USDF site and details the benefits they offer to Group Members:

7) NEW in 2011: A tiered prize system for volunteers - based on credits earned. This is in addition to any discounts offered at clinics.  Volunteers are not "spending" credits on these prizes, so they are still free to use credits to discount rides.  These prized are based on credits as recorded on the Work Credit log not physical credits in hand.

  • Bronze level- 6 work credits - get an item approx. $10.00
  • Silver level- 10 work credits - get an item approx. $15.00
  • Gold level-15 work credits - get an item approx. $20.00
  • This system would not be cumulative, but for each season. Only person not eligible would be President.
  • These awards could be given out at banquet
Page last Updated: 12-May-14