To Volunteer for MDA’s Shows
Please contact the following people:

To Organize or Secretary a Schooling show in 2015 please contact Brianne Reynolds at brianne.p.reynolds@gmail.com OR use eVolunteer our on-line volunteer sign up system.



Job Duties and Instructions
Function: accurately score tests, maintain log of show scores, complete scoreboards, pin classes and hand out tests/ribbons

  • Practice using the printing calculator or adding machine before you score your first test and make sure the scores come out to THREE DECIMAL PLACES
  • Review rules for Scores and Ribbons
  • Print and staple the calculator tape with the rider’s score to the outside of the test sheet
  • Work with a partner if possible
  • Double check each test before you assign the official score
  • Do not release tests until the entire class is pinned
  • Do not allow people to discuss the tests of other riders, or for competitors to view each others tests
  • Competitors should not be hovering over the Scorers – this is annoying and increases the chance of mistakes. If this happens, politely ask everyone to step away from the Scoring table.

Function: sit with the judge to write the judges remarks and score for each movement on the tests, verify rider identity and test against provided show schedule

  • Double check the name of the horse and rider as well as the test being ridden – ask the rider or at least verify the bridle number matches the number on the test.  Write the bridle number of the horse about to go into the arena on the inside top right corner of the test.  There is a box for competitor’s number.
  • Write or print legibly in blue or black PEN (no pencil)
  • You may need to work out some sort of shorthand with the Judge before you begin scribing – make sure any shorthand or symbols are easy to decipher
  • Use only obvious abbreviations
  • Write only what the Judge says
  • Make no comments to the Judge about the horse or rider, regardless of their relationship to you
  • Make sure the Judge signs the test and fills in her part (Collective Marks)

Gate Keeper
Function: keep a given ring on track according to provided schedule, interface with riders to make sure they enter the ring in the proper order

  • Please keep yourself, others, and things (tables, chairs, etc.) at least 50 feet away from the in-gate while tests are being ridden – this is a USEF rule and makes it easier to enter at A
  • Inform riders if they are next (on deck)
  • Inform riders if the ring is ahead of or behind schedule – remember a rider cannot be made to go early, but must be ready to go at their assigned time unless they switch with another competitor and the Judge is aware of the change
  • What you do for one, you must do for all – this includes checking bits, whips, or closing the gate/chain or moving an offending object (barking dog, signs, etc).  If there is something that presents a major safety risk (a loose blowing tarp) it is acceptable to address it.

Function: carry tests from judge to scorers

  • Take the tests that have been judged from the Scribe and deliver them to the scorers
  • Do not allow anyone to see the tests on the way to the Scorers
  • Try to retrieve tests every few rides so as not to overwhelm the scorers
  • Be aware of ongoing tests – don’t walk up to the ring or sneak up to the trailer while a test is going on – wait till the break between rides
  • Take notes from Show Management to the Judge

Ring Crew
Function: set-up/take-down arena

  • Feed the arena chain into the bucket or trashcan – do not gather it into a heap
  • The chain is easily broken by rough handling so please be careful
  • Place the short in-gate chain on top
  • Pick up all trash /forgotten equipment you see laying around
  • Stack up the letters and collect any flower decorations

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