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Posting of the latest news via E-mail blitzes
Members and Friends, you do not have to be an MDA member to be on our blitz list. The president sends important information out via e-mail as needed. 

If you would like to be on MDA’s blitz list OR if you are not receiving blitzes through your e-mail then please contact Claire Smilko at All blitzes are sent as ‘Blind Carbon Copy’ (BBC) instead of CC. In other words, no one will see your e-mail address.

Note that e-mails originating from an address outside of your Contacts List may be routed by your e-mail client to Spam/Junk Mail. By adding to your Contacts, you can prevent this from happening.

MDA Newsline
MDA’s newsletter is called MDA Newsline. The Newsline will be posted on our website on a bi-monthly basis. 

Page last Updated: 20-Dec-16