Show FAQs

How Do I Enter A Show?

  1. Send a completed Entry form PDF Icon for the current show year, check/work credits, and current negative Coggins to the Entry Secretary. Entries must be postmarked by the closing date to avoid If using work credits of reduce your entry fees, include the original credit. 
  2. Late Fees. Please see Late Fees section or Rules for details on avoiding this.  Late fees are assessed on entries that are mailed after the closing date. 
  3. Entries are taken on a first come, first served basis.  Phone and email entries are not accepted.  You need to get the physical paperwork to the Entry Secretary. 
  4. Try to get your entry in sooner rather than later.  If a show fills, we will start a waitlist in the order that entries are received. 

How Do I Get My Ride Times?
Ride Times are posted on the MDA website by the Wednesday before a show.  If you do not see your time posted, please contact the Entry Secretary as soon as possible; it may be that you are wait-listed. 

How Do I Know I Got Into A Show?
Sending your entry on or close to the opening date is your best bet for getting into a show.  If you’re concerned that your entry may not have been received or may have been close to the closing date, simply email the Entry Secretary to verify receipt.  The entry secretary’s email address is listed on this website with the other information pertaining to that show as well as in the Omnibus. 

How Can I Redeem Work Credits Toward Entry Fees?
When you enter a show, you can apply work credits for up to $10 off the total cost of the entry fees. One credit is worth $10, a half credit is worth $5.  You must send the original credit along with your entry.  Copies of work credits are not accepted.  In order to be accepted, the credit must be no more that one year old. 

I used my Work Credit to get money off on a show, does the credit still count for year end awards or do I need to volunteer again?
Work credits earned throughout the year are tallied up and you apply the total toward year end awards.  You are allowed to submit your actual work credit vouchers to reduce entry fees throughout the year.  So go ahead and use those work credits to reduce your entry fees, the fact that you volunteered time will still count for awards.

Can I ride the same test twice at the same show?
Yes, but the second time you do it will not count toward ribbons or year end awards.  The second test will automatically be made HC.  This is done in every Division.

What is HC?
Hors Concours (aka HC) means that you ride your test in front of the judge and get comments and a score, but you are not pinned against the other riders.  If you are only riding HC, you may contact the entry secretary to see if the judge will allow you to ride in professional-looking schooling attire instead of show attire.  This is only allowed on a case-by-case basis at the judges discretion.

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Page last Updated: 26-Jun-10